Thursday, 26 January 2012

Narkanda & Auli: skier’s delight

It’s open season for skiers. With freshly-fallen snow over the past few weeks, Narkanda, just like Auli, is a skier’s delight. And, guess what, our skiing holidays have begun! So, join in on all the fun!

For those of you not quite clued in, Narkanda is 65 kms from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It’s perched at something like 9,000 feet above sea level; and, at this time of the year, is blanketed in snow.

While the cold-blooded among us run for cover, the more adventurous sort flock to Narkanda in winter to make the most of the snow. A key attraction is skiing and skiers from across the country make their way here in winter.

With thick deodhar forests providing a grand backdrop and slopes ranging from ‘mild’ for the uninitiated to ‘steep’ for the experienced skier, Narkanda offers great skiing adventure for every kind of skiing enthusiast.

In winter, the picturesque hills of fir and pine trees become snow slopes dotted and lined with skiers, all having fun in their own ways. While beginners learn to ski from instructors, professional skiers race downhill enthralled.

It’s time you too were here in Narkanda. Check out more photos on our Facebook page. Contact us for great skiing holidays, both in Narkanda and Auli (