Thursday, 9 February 2012

A holiday specially tailored by GIO

Amitabh Saksena, guest blogger
Photo courtesy: Amitabh Saksena

My last new year was special, specially tailored by Great Indian Outdoors.  Starting from my pick up at the airport to the drop back at the airport 5 days later.

My friend and I have never managed a trip together and we promised each other that we shall not rejoice when we meet at the airport or when we check in or even after the plane takes off.

Had attempted the same trip earlier, but the plane had to come back ‘cause it could not land in Leh due to bad weather. So, with fingers crossed, we landed at the Jolly Grant airport, two jolly people smiling ear to ear, and got into GIO’s waiting car with such fervour rarely seen before!!

We reached the GIO camp at Jayalgarh and were warmly greeted by friends and families and a welcome drink. Ahem, we made it!!

Three beautiful days by the Bhagirathi were divine... sleeping off on the deck chairs... chilly winter breeze... bonfire in the night… to the most awesome fresh green veggies and great non-veg dishes I’ve had.

The days flew by very fast till it was time to head to GIO’s New Tehri Himalayan Eco Lodges & Camps. Saw the Tehri Dam and finally the cottage... with the most stunning views of the hills and snow-peaked mountains… brightly-lit New Tehri settlement… divine meals... friends and cold winter nights. All perfect to the T.

On the last day, mournfully or happily, not sure in which mood we were in, we turned homewards.

With plans to return and chill again in New Tehri and GIO's new camps, we headed back on a beautiful journey till Jolly Grant airport... pleased as punch. Jolly at Jolly Grant yet again, hoping against hope that the flights get cancelled so we could spend another day here… maybe at Shivpuri!

Sadly, the flight came in and we were whisked away to our respective homes!!

Thank you GIO!!