Monday, 11 June 2012

Why I love the mountains? (Popular tourist destinations not included)

Do you really need to read the blog to know why i love the mnountains ?!

Other than the most obvious things like pleasant weather and attractive landscapes there are a few more things that I have started to observe and relish while in the mountains. Some of them might not be reason enough to make you pack and hit the road but definitely add a pleasant flavor to the trip 
Wooden Village homes near Mori in Uttarakhand
1.       The mountain way of life. If one were to observe closely, there are several typical things that one comes across in the mountains that are worth cherishing. For me top of the chart are village children walking to school together, mostly in colorful uniform, creating an orchestra of children gibberish and enjoying life in all its glory. Similarly a bunch of village ladies cutting grass on slopes where people like us will need ropes and loads of equipment to go to and if it’s your lucky day you might even catch one of them humming a tune. Village shops are also a good spot to generally get into a meaningless discussion and experience the pleasure of conversation. So if one is on a look out one will surely catch many such interesting facets of mountain life  
Enjoying the Calm amidst Deodhars, Streams and peaks around
2.  Sense of calmness. With very few distractions and options for one to consider, brain has to do very little processing. People around one are also experiencing the same and this creates an overall relaxing environment. Life becomes comparatively simpler and the contrast is thoroughly enjoyable. No wonder reading a book and listening to music is also more enjoyable in the mountains
A spring in their step and a song on their lips!!
Day Dreamin is not limted to mountain folk alone!!
3. Hyperactive senses. Though my brain processing speed goes down my senses start working overtime. I smell more and something as repetitive and taken for granted as breathing becomes enjoyable with superior quality of air. I start noticing & seeing many more things than I normally do. Spotting a tiny little bird hidden inside a non descript bush in a jungle evokes the same kind of emotions as probably Sachin Tendulkar feeling on hitting his 100’th ton.  I am also able to distinguish between different sounds and take in lots of them together. Sound literally travels a distance in the mountains. What you think is coming from next door might be coming from the next village. Commonly heard sounds are cows making the sound that they do, chirping of birds, children shouting, odd vehicle passing by and people talking loudly on mobiles trying to make up for poor networks with high decibel level. Last but not the least food which anyways and any place tastes good, tastes a notch better in the hills. Locally grown wild vegetables with names which can only pronounced by locals create wonders when served on the plate 
Lost in thoughts while being lost in the Mountains
4.      Walking and day dreaming pleasures. Mountains giveone the freedom to walk endlessly and simultaneously talk to oneself and also day dream. Whenever I walk happiness generally surrounds me (maybe due to secretion of ‘happiness’ hormones as one exerts). With no fear of traffic, comfortable weather and calm mind one is encouraged to talk more to one self and build as many castles in the air as one wants to… the feeling is completely unmatched!

Wild Flowers carpet the meadows in the summmer in the Himalayas
   5.  Everything wild. Nothing is manicured or customized. Grass, flowers, bushes and trees grow wherever they want and take whatever shape they want. Even the people inhabiting the land are quite wild in their own way. It’s good to see things the way the creator wanted them to be. Seeing apples and other fruits without polish and stickers hanging from branches is very pleasing.   
 6.       Feeling of openness. It’s very rare these days to find one alone with no one and no activity in sight outside of a building. I am not the thinker variety and hate being alone. Having said that I will admit that I do like these ‘magic moments’ in the mountains when I hog the landscape just by me. This feeling of watching the ‘show’ with no one or just a few for company is quite interesting