Thursday, 8 January 2015

Himalayan Adventure: Contest

The mighty Himalayas are India's pride, the world's spiritual destination and a magical treasure of spell-binding beauty that captivates the hearts of millions. Himalayas have been the favorite travel destination for people around the world for centuries, because of the unmatched beauty and the everlasting magic.

Himalayas are a dream destinations for those seeking peace and tranquility. It is one the bucket lists of thousands around the world looking to get closer to nature, to experience the famous Himalayan Magic. But there's more - The Himalayas are also the world's most popular adventure site for treks, hikes, camping and SO much more.

We at GIO Adventures, want to begin 2015 with a lot of Himalayan adventure and magic, and we want you to be a part of it!

So, tell us about your Himalayan Dream, and stand a chance to win a relaxing holiday amidst the breathtaking view of Himalayan Peaks, along with custom made goodies and vouchers.

Here's what you have to do.
Contest rules:

  • Blog about your Himalayan Dream. It can be anything, from an adventurous snow trek you want to undertake, or a bonfire outside a camp next to a enchanting Himalayan lake that you dream off, or a morning where you wake up to the stunning view of a rugged Himalayan Peak from your window. Anything at all! 
  • Blog about it in a minimum of 400 words
  • You can take inspiration from our treks and trips from our website here, and our ecological lodges and camps here and link your post to your dream trek/trip. Or you can plan a completely new dream holiday! It's your dream, just make it magical.
  • Your post must include the following line: This post is a part of the Himalayan Dream contest by GIO Adventures: India's Premier Adventure & Outdoors Travel Specialists since 1999.
  • Submit your entry to us through a comment on this post.
That's it.

If you like your Himalayan Dream, you might just get it for real! Yes. GIO Adventures team will pick up five blog posts that we like the most. Let's talk about the prizes, shall we?


1st prize: 1 winner will get a 3 day/2 night stay at one of our lodges in Sursingdhar (Tehri Lake), Viraatkhai (Chakrata), Kawalag (Shimla Hills) or Jayalgarh (on the banks of river Alaknanda).

  • The last date to avail this prize by the winner will be 30th June 2015, post which this offer will not be valid or entertained. 
  • No cash or or any other benefit would be offered in lieu of this prize/package
  • The winner can choose one destination from the above mentioned choices. However, the dates will be subject to availability at the time. 
  • This package will only include the stay and food
  • This package does NOT any of the activities that particular lodge/camp may offer (like hike, rafting, rock & rope activities etc). If the winner wishes to try out any of these activities, they will be charged separately.
  • This package does NOT include transport of any kind/
2nd Prize: 2 people will win a Flipkart Voucher of Rs.500 + a custom made GIO Adventures Fleece jacket each, for your future Himalayan adventures.

3rd Prize: 2 people will get a GIO Adventures Fleece Jacket each.

Last date of submission is midnight 2nd Feb 2015. (edit: last date is extended from 31st Jan till 2nd Feb on popular demand)

What are you waiting for? Start already!
Adventure is out there.