Friday, 17 October 2014

Winter Is Coming!

Winters are almost here and we are super excited, not just because of the cozy bonfires at night or the hot steaming cup of tea in the daytime, but also because of - yes, you guessed it - Snow!

In few parts of India where the snow covers the entire landscape like a pristine white sheet, winters become a feast for the eyes. And for the adventure lovers, it is an opportunity to try Skiing, Snow Trekking and much more Snow Fun activities. No matter what we like, just experiencing snow with kids and family over a weekend, or snow adventures that include snow treks and more, one thing that we commonly love is - Making a Snowman!

So, while we wait for snow to create the snowman of our choice, and for some world class snow adventures, here is a collection of my favorite cartoon Calvin & Hobbes and the delightful Snowmen series. And oh, Keep Calm because Winter is Coming!