Wednesday, 8 October 2014

5 Best Himalayan Getaway Destinations in India

Winters are fun, crisp and magical. Winters are as much for adventure, as they are for romance (though some would say romance is an adventure!), and as much suited to relaxing retreats, as they are for active vacations. And in India, where the snow covers the landscape at only a part of the country, winters bring a new excitement too. And Winters always make Himalayas irresistible, and a perfect holiday destination for several reasons. From a romantic weekend vacation, to a week-long sun-filled break from the cold, or even a White Winter Wonderland vacation with the family and kids - Indian Himalayas offers a perfect winter getaway for every mood. So here are my top 5 Himalayan getaway destinations in India. I hope the list inspires you to book your vacation soon, and have a good time this winter!

  1. Skiing for Fun: Skiing is a hot favorite in Europe and though it is new in India, I know for a fact that Skiing is on almost every adventure lover's bucket list. Right? Right, because Skiing for Fun is literally THE best winter experience one can have. Go at your leisure, ski at your pace and make it a memorable weekend. Yes, this can be done over a short weekend, since there is no time restriction or a fixed course - just a promise of putting Skiing on your list of favorite activities. Of course there is a Basic, an Intermediate and an Improvement Course in Skiing for later which you will come back for, I can bet on it. My suggestion is, you try Fun Skiing now and tick off that item on your list.
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  2. Snow Treks:  The Indian Himalayas are a feast to the eyes any time of the year, but in Winters the magic is ten folds. If you are the kind that lusts for adventure, snow treks to the Himalayas should be your pick. Do the 5 day Chopta Trek, the 5 or 9 day (take your pick) Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh, or pick something else - but don't miss out. As Warren Miller says:
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  3. Snow Experience: So, you don't want to ski or trek or do anything else other than immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty snow? Well, alright. Check out THESE breathtaking lodges where snow will enchant you to no end, along with beautiful views of famous Himalayan peaks. Bring your kids and family, experience the winter joy.
  4. Multi Activity Vacation: Stay in Auli and experience the snow. Trek to Gurson Meadow and experience the Himalayan magic. Ski on the slopes and raft on Alaknanda. And it is a short trip too! What's not to love? Booking it already? Good thinking. *pats your back*
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  5. Winter Camping. If you want a break from the cold, cold winters and want a sun-filled trip, I suggest you immediately check out the 3 day long trek to Nagtibba. This charming trek is probably the finest weekend trek in the country and is on till about December. The camping experience here will be one of your top 5, I'm sure and you can thank me later. 
So, travel in style, and keep exploring.