Friday, 5 September 2014

Travel is the Best Teacher: 5 Life Lessons Learnt from Traveling

On Teacher's Day that is celebrated around India with much gusto, we would like to remember five unforgettable, valuable and inspiring lessons that we've learned from traveling. The road is the biggest teacher, and the people we meet - the biggest influence on our lives.
  1. You are never alone. No matter what your situation is, what your location is and what you are going through, there are people in the same situation, locations and circumstances as you are, and are still making it through. Travel teaches us that we are never really alone, no matter how lonely we feel at times. The world, with all its majestic nature, is with you. Relax and enjoy the beauty and it will all fall in place when it's meant to.

  2. Stereotypes are stupid. Not every girl from Delhi is a dumb-wit, not every guy in Mumbai is a Bollywood aspirant. Not all American teenagers are into Burger King, neither are all Australians trained chefs. Travel clears your mind of such ridiculous stereotypes and makes you question the belief of a stagnant, chained mind. See the world with the new, prejudice-free glasses, and you'll fall in love. Travel, and you'll see that people are fundamentally good.

  3. Keep the guide, but dare to explore. This holds true for life, in every sense. You should know the guide, the rules, the information - but never let it hold you back. Explore life. Find new ways. Be curious. Challenge yourself. Evolve. Because really, we were not meant to live chained to one place or one set of ideas. We are meant to evolve, to grow.
    Spend a luxurious weekend in Himalayas and thank us later. No, really!

  4. Memories Are All That Matter. Really. And travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 
    Source: Pinterest
     Trekking in Himalayas. Go for a weekend of white water rafting.

  5. And lastly, travel teaches us that there is no such thing as enough sunscreen. Seriously. Tan is okay, getting your skin fried in the sun is not. And oh, skin cancer - not good at all. So go ahead, slather some SPF and EXPLORE!

The world is a book, and those who don't travel, read just one page.

So, want to see what you're truly made of? Go for a trip.
Set yourself free, Travel.

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