Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Five Things That Will Change In Your Life After Visiting Har-Ki Dun

Himalayas are a sight that astounds, and an experience that changes lives. And Har-Ki Dun is just another gem of Garhwal Himalayas that is probably the most beautiful trek you'll ever go to. If you have seen the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ and appreciated the landscape and always wanted to be there, then this is your thing, seriously. There is a lot to do when you are there, like trekking, photography and reaching a state of euphoria, but once you leave it and head back to your life, you’ll realize somethings have changed forever. 

Here are the top five things that will change after you’ve been to the enchanting Har-Ki Dun & Jaundhar Glacier

  1.  Your Photography. You might be a skilled photographer carrying a fancy DSLR, or a #selfie addict with a camera phone – whatever your photography skill level is, this trip will change it by a million degrees. The regular things will stop being interesting, or click worthy. You will catch yourself longing for the waterfall that emerged out of nowhere. Sitting in your office cabin, you will miss the view of the garhwal Himalayas. You know your camera deserves better, and no food-on-the-platter or traffic-outside-your-office views will interest the photographer in you. 
  2. Beauty. Nothing else will be able to take your breath away, at least for the next few months. You will long for the view of the Himalayas when you walk past your window. You will constantly miss the calm and mystic beauty of the Har-Ki Dun trek. And you will miss the adrenalin rush of reaching the top of the high altitude Jaundhar Bamak (glacier) and jumping with joy. Sigh. Regular life is just ruined for you. Yes, every thing is now just meh. 
  3. Social Media.Your profile pictures on social media – the ones where you are sitting inside a famous restaurant eating a fancy dish – will be mundane because nothing can top the picture where you stood against the backdrop of snow clad Himalayan Peaks. (Seriously, check out the picture in the next point) A stranger’s tweet about having an #adventure in an entertainment or theme park will now be the lest interesting thing ever. Like, cool story bro. Not.
  4. Hotel rooms boasting about a beautiful view of the airport. Or the sea. Or a community park. Or...you get the point, right? Nothing will ever be the same to you after you’ve stayed in a room where the only view is of the snow clad Himalayas and the breeze is cold yet comforting. Because who can have a cup of coffee looking at the hotel’s garden, when you’ve had a hot cuppa right in front of the mighty Indian Himalayas? Right?
  5. Going back to the Jaundhar Glacier. This is going to be on your mind 24*7. Trust us. Every time someone mentions the Valley of Flowers, or even a flower from their flower pot, you’ll feel a strong desire to go back to the Valley of Flowers. Every time someone mentions the words bliss, adventure or even uses the term “goals in life”, you’ll be like:
    Source for all images: giphy.com
    Just. Go. Already.
    So. You want to go to the the Har-Ki Dun trek? Okay. Bookings are open, check this out. And go go go!